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CrossFit is a core strength & conditioning program that delivers a fitness that is by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Elements of track & field, gymnastics, weightlifting, and strongman are combined in short intense daily workouts to maximize results for any individual. CrossFit teaches functional movement patterns, or, movements that you find in real life -pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, throwing, carrying, and sprinting.

Workout Of The Day

  • WOD 9/30/14

    5x3-Snatch High Pull from the Hang (Above the Knee) + 1 Squat Snatch. (If Not Able to catch in full Squat, Catch in Power Position and follow with OHS.

    WOD-4x 6 Power Snatch 115/75, 10 Pull ups.  RX+ Chest to Bar

    There are many reasons Klokov is a monster at the Oly lifts.  Position is Power! That's what is being shown here.  Bar path and what the hips actually do in the second pull.  Get ready for this drill!  And please, if you don't have them yet, get some Oly shoes.  They are not just "another shoe".  They are a tool to help your stability and positioning.  What is it we said earlier?  POSITION IS POWER!


  • WOD 9/29/14

    Box Back Squats-10x2@ 55-65%, Rest 30 seconds between. Pick a weight between 55-65% and use it for all 10 sets.

    WOD-Choose one-Sled Drag 1/2 Bodyweight 400m For Time or 1000m Row For Time.

    Goals!  What are yours?  Knowing that this competition last Saturday had Bar Muscle Ups in it, a movement she had yet to accomplish, Liz put her head down, followed progressions to learn the movement, listened to some solid positive talk from people who had been competitors and are now coaches.  She dug deep down, believed in herself and trusted her abilities.  The result is below!  As her coach, there are no words to describe what it was like to watch this happen.  The full circle of the process.  If you think it's out of your reach, you are dead wrong!  There is NO substitute for hard work!  What are your goals?  GET AFTER IT!

  • WOD 9/27/14

    9AM-WOD- Constantly varied, Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity either in teams or individual effort.

    10:15AM-Yoga with Ceci.

    This high school football player has the perfect attitude!


  • WOD 9/26/14

    Wendler Week 3
    Sumo Deadlift
    40%-5, 50%-5, 60%-3
    75%-5, 85%-3, 95%-1+

    WOD-21-15-9 Wall Ball, KBS 70/53, 200m Run in between

    Come support Liz tomorrow at the "Bat Cave Games" at CrossFit Natomas! Click on the link for details.

  • WOD 9/24/14

    Wendler Week 3
    Push Press
    40%-5, 50%-5, 60%-3
    75%-5, 85%-3, 95%-1+

    WOD-5 min AMRAP-3 Pull Up, 6 Push Up, 9 Air Squat, Rest 3 Min, 5 min AMRAP-3 Pull Up, 6 Push Up, 9 Air Squat.

    Come support Liz Saturday, September 27th, at the "Bat Cave Games" at CrossFit Natomas! Click on the link for details.

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