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CrossFit is a core strength & conditioning program that delivers a fitness that is by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Elements of track & field, gymnastics, weightlifting, and strongman are combined in short intense daily workouts to maximize results for any individual. CrossFit teaches functional movement patterns, or, movements that you find in real life -pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, throwing, carrying, and sprinting.

Workout Of The Day

  • WOD 9/17/14

    Wendler Week 2
    Push Press
    Warm up-5@40%, 5@50%, 3@60%
    Work Load-3@70%, 3@80%, 3+@90%

    4x-In 60 Seconds, 10 heavy KBS, in remaining time AMRAP DB Thrusters.  Rest 60 seconds between.  Final score is total DB Thrusters.


  • WOD 9/16/14

    5X3 Snatch Balance + 3 OHS
    12 Power Snatch 115/75, 12 Box Jumps 30"/24", 9 Power Snatch, 9 Box Jump, 6 Power Snatch, 6 Box Jump

    Speed and load under the bar.



  • WOD 9/15/14

    Wendler Week 2
    Back Squat
    Warm up-5@40%, 5@50%, 3@60%
    Work Load-3@70%, 3@80%, 3+@90%

    1000m Row or 800M Run
    Then 3X
    30 Double Unders, 20 KBS 53/35, 10 HSPU or 30 sec HS Hold, or 1 min Plank Hold 

    Probably one of the simplest explanations about why we get fat and what will change it!

  • WOD 9/13/14

    WOD-9AM Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, Performed at High Intensity , in a Team or as an individual.


    Today 8AM to 12PM, BodyFat Testing.  Get it done!

  • WOD 9/12/14

    Wendler Week 1
    Sumo Deadlift
    Warm up-5@40%, 5@50%, 3@60%
    Work Load-5@65%, 5@75%, 5+@85%

    WOD-4X 5 Power Cleans 155/105, 100m Sprint, 100m Walk Back to Power Cleans




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